You can sew whatever interests you - dresses, skirts, coats, tops, exercise wear, children's clothing, even that project you saw online and can't figure out how to make it.  Come and learn alongside others.  Learn to use a sewing machine, serger, proper pressing techniques, short cut sewing, perfect those finer details in a garment, discover some new sewing gadgets and enjoy a morning out or an evening escape with friends.  You might even make some new friends.  



  • Traditionally when sewing darts, you had to mark all the circles or dots along the dart legs - on both pattern pieces! So time consuming!! With this method you only have to mark the point of the dart and make two short scissor clips at the bottom edge.

  • Bring the 2 clips together and fold along the center of the dart.

  • Pull your machine threads long and to the front, placing the thread 1 cm (3/8") above the dart point. (The big red dot.)

  • That thread is now your stitching line. Sew to within 1 cm of the point, then take 3-4 stitches as close to the folded edge as possible.

  • Leave long threads and tie two knots at the end.

  • Do not back stitch.

  • Press darts toward the center of the garment.

Some different ideas for unique Christmas wrap. Add to your Christmas decor with some quick and easy pillow covers and a table runner. Use some of your embroidery stitches to create an accent on the edges.

Sewing with a Double Needle:

Below is a slideshow of how to use a double needle for hemming.  A double needle is used mostly for knit fabrics as the stitching stretches with the fabric, but it can also be used as a top-stitch on woven fabrics, too.